There is a lot to be said about…

"There is a lot to be said about..."

“There is a lot to be said about…”

Being blissful brings about a certain feeling of joy.  When you take the time to sanctify your environment, both inner and outer, you will find a well of bliss springing forth.  I challenge you today to get in touch with your spirit and your soul.  Go to your Source from whom all blessings flow, and bask in the peacefulness and reassurance of the greatness that is within you, and the hand of God’s LOVE that guides you.

Have a blessed week, and rest in knowing that you are loved, and headed towards your highest good.

From:  Sanctified Sunday


Sanctified Sundays® ~ It’s a brand new day!

Sanctified Sunday ~ It’s a brand new day!


TODAY, as you enter into this new refreshing month of MARCH, 2015 — Look forward and create in your mind the dream that you would like to manifest in this season of your life.  As you do, feel the joy in your heart.  Stir up your spirit, and begin your inspiring journey putting one foot in front of the other, as you head toward the blessings that await you.

And remember, you can awake refreshed and renewed with a view to continuing to keep each day of this week purified, clarified, and sanctified.  Meditate today on the grace and goodness of God.  Count your blessings, and look forward to God’s loving hands working in all of your actions, your deeds, and your speech.  Pause, for a moment today to be eternally grateful for the air you breathe, the beautiful people you come in contact with, and the ability to make the best of this day.  May you be blessed today, and always ~

FROM:  Sanctified Sunday

Sanctified Sundays®

Sanctification and Spiritual Renewal of your mind, body & soul

Sanctified Sundays® ~ Sanctification and Spiritual Renewal of your mind, body & soul ~

Welcome to Sanctified Sundays® ~ You can expect to come here to partake of sanctification and spiritual renewal of your mind, body and soul.

Every day can be a Sanctified Sunday. You need to release the stress and strain from your life each day, by releasing everything from your mind, body and soul that is not beneficial to your well being.

Your renewal takes place once you set your focus on the Word of God, and your heart on those things that are pleasing to Him.

In a world that is full of more undesirable factors than pleasant ones at times, you are invited to come here for refreshment every day of the week.

Sanctification is the process of being made holy, which results in a changed lifestyle for the Believer. The English word “sanctification” comes from the Latin “sanctificatio”, meaning the act or process of making holy — consecrated.

Certain times are sanctified in that they are set apart especially to the Lord. The Sabbath (Genesis 2:3) ~ “And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.” ~ (KJV).

Taking time to read the Word of God is an act that is needful for the times we are living in. If you are already doing this regularly, you will find this a place where you can come to fellowship with others who are of like mind.

If you have not been taking the time to rejuvenate your spirit and soul, now is a good time to start!

The starting point is by picking up your Bible, or purchasing a Bible that you are comfortable with, and taking time daily to read it.

Finding a good Church Home is also a way to reach out to others who (just like you) are seeking God for direction, guidance, and strength for daily living.

Make yourself comfortable here. You will find all of Our Posts and Pages to the right in the sidebar.  Click on any of them to few items that you may have missed.  You’ll also find Bible Studies, Bible Scriptures & Verses, Links to Christian Music online live, and much more!  You are invited to share your insight, thoughts, questions, and friendship.

Again, welcome to Sanctified Sundays® ~ Remember to bookmark us, follow us by email or RSS feed, and feel free to share your comments right here on Our BLOG!

Have a blessed day today ~

Sanctified Sundays®

Sanctified Sundays® ~ Christian Music Online

Sanctification and Spiritual Renewal of the Mind, Body & Soul

Sanctified Sundays® ~ Sanctification and Spiritual Renewal of Mind, Body & Soul

Sanctified Sundays® ~ Christian Music Online ~ LINKS for you!

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